Membership in the Yogi Gupta Society

Purpose and Activities of the Yogi Gupta Society:

The nature of the activities to be conducted, or the purposes to be promoted or carried out by the Society, are as follows:

  1. The holding of religious services for the worship of God. These worship services will include scriptural readings, commentary on the scriptures, devotional chanting and congregational singing. The purpose of these services is to obtain for the members union with God.
  2. The promotion of the religious, cultural, educational and charitable activities dedicated to the humanitarian ideals of Yogi Gupta, the founder of Yogi Gupta Ashram, Inc. and Kailashanand Mission Trust.
  3. The conduct of all other activities proper for the administration and welfare of an actively functioning religious organization.

Why Become A Member?

Yogi Gupta spent his time in America tirelessly bringing better physical, mental and spiritual health to the West. Now the essential mandate of Yogi Gupta Society, Inc., a non-profit religious organization incorporated in the State of Florida, is to further his aims by protecting, preserving and promoting the great yogic legacy of Yogi Gupta. Membership is an opportunity for Seva (Selfless Service or Karma Yoga), to maintain the continuity of Yogi Gupta’s teachings, to keep these teachings alive.

Eligibility for Membership:

Membership in the Yogi Gupta Society, Inc., is open to all disciples, former students, devotees, and patrons of Yogi Gupta and any other persons who subscribe to its mission and purposes as stated in the Articles of Incorporation.

Categories and cost of membership:

  • Regular Membership: $45 per year per person
  • Lifetime Membership: One-time payment of $500
  • Family Membership: $55 per year per family (this consists of 1-2 adults and their children under the age of 25)

Benefits of membership:

  • The right to participate in all YGS activities, for example, volunteering, attending religious services, etc.
  • The right to vote on any resolution or issue concerning YGS affairs that are put forth for such voting, including election of trustees
  • The right to be voted as a trustee
  • A subscription to the YGS electronic newsletter
  • A 10% discount from the regular price of YGS-sponsored yoga classes, activities or publications
  • No additional fee for yearly Shradha and Navaratra Path requests
  • A subscription to the forthcoming YGS electronic journal

Note: Benefits of family membership are the same as individual membership with the exception that only the adult designated as the head of the family can vote.

Non-members are eligible to receive the YGS electronic newsletter at no charge.

According to the YGS bylaws, each year the Board of Trustees shall convene at least one annual General Meeting of the members, where an annual report and account statement will be presented to the members.

Requests for membership may be sent via email to or by clicking on the appropriate Paypal button below.

Lifetime Membership: One-time payment of $500

Regular Membership: $45 per year per person

Family Membership: $55 per year per family (this consists of 1-2 adults and their children under the age of 25)