Yogi Gupta’s Vast Knowledge

Yogi Gupta’s vast knowledge spanned many fields, including the nine main forms of Yoga, Spirituality, Psychic Development, Astrology and Astro-Divine Remedies, Nature Cure, Divine Healing, and Diet. He was the author of several books and recordings on several of these topics, but over more than 60 years of instruction to his disciples, the Master gave unstintingly of his knowledge in numerous classes of instruction on these topics. Each disciple knows what portion of that overwhelming ocean of knowledge he or she was able to absorb from our Guru and what he or she must do as an individual to put it into practice. At the same time, this web site represents an effort now underway to consolidate and organize the notes taken by disciples at Yogi Gupta’s classes in order to better preserve and disseminate the Divine Knowledge brought to America by Yogi Gupta.

Serious consideration should be given to determine which portions of these notes are suitable for publication. For example, it may be best that some material only be disseminated through courses taught by the disciples who have heard it from the Master.

Some of the possible categories for this web site include the following:

      Hatha Yoga


      Kundalini Yoga


      Yoga Bible


      Guru Gita






      Sandhya Vandan


      Narayan Kavach


      Psychic Development


      Spiritual Healing


      Live foods and Sprouting


      Occult Virtues of Herbs and Stones


      Astro-Divine Remedies






    Satsang mantras and hymns
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